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Become a GorgeousTV Ambassador

Are you an influencer with a love for fashion and streaming TV and movies? Join the GorgeousTV family! Your influence can help us spread the word, inspiring viewers and streaming platforms to embrace our innovative way of interacting with premium content. Together, we can turn every video scene into a gateway for discovery. Be a part of the next big thing in streaming video and let’s transform the way people watch TV forever!

How It Works

Get Exclusive Private Access and Influence

Once you’re approved as a GorgeousTV Ambassador, you’ll gain exclusive Private Access to the GorgeousTV app weeks before it goes live. During this special preview period, you’ll not only get to explore and experience the app firsthand but also have the chance to weigh in on its features. Suggest new features and improvements, and if your ideas are implemented, you’ll receive credit in our announcements!

Invite Your VIP Followers

After exploring the exclusive features of our app, you’ll have the chance to invite a select number of your top followers to join our Early Access Phase. You will receive a unique referral code to share with your VIP followers, granting them Early Access to the app.

Once we fully launch, your referral code will remain active, allowing you to sign up unlimited users. You’ll continue to earn from the activities and revenues generated by all your referred users, ensuring ongoing rewards for your influence!

Lifetime Rewards

All users who sign up using your referral code will be forever linked to your influence. This means any revenue generated by these users will automatically be shared with you.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Your earnings come from a multiple of sources:

  1. Ad Impressions: Earn a share of the revenue whenever your users view ads.
  2. Clicks: Gain revenue from ad clicks made by your users.
  3. Purchases: Receive full affiliate commissions for any purchases made by your referred users.

Unlike other platforms, a significant portion of your earnings will come from ad impressions, not just purchases. This ensures a robust revenue stream. Because these users signed up with your code, they will remain a lasting source of income for you as long as they continue using the app!

Apply Now

Please complete the form below to apply. We review each application carefully to ensure a perfect fit for our brand and community.

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